Attention , Acoustics!

The problem of adequate reproduction of sound recordings has existed since the birth of the music industry. There is a lot of high-quality equipment for reproducing of music records on the global market, and often these systems are overpriced. Nevertheless, the problem of exact reconstruction of the sound picture, in which recording professionals and artists have invested a lot of effort and time, still exist!


Most of the owners of expensive Hi-End systems do not hear the sound, which was conceived by the creators of these systems and artists. The only reason for such an injustice is that only a few pay attention to their room acoustics. The sound image in the human brain shaped not only out of direct sound emitted by speakers but also out of the sounds reflected from all the surrounding surfaces of the room. A radical change in timbre, length of the of notes, leads to a “smearing” of the sound picture.


Treating acoustic of your room will “bring back” your pure hearing and your money invested in the equipment.

Many of the expensive Hi-Fi and Hi-End system owners do not hear the sound that was intended by creators of these systems. One and only one reason for that is they do not consider that the sound image in our minds is formed not only via direct sound emitted by the speaker, but also by sound reflected from all the surrounding surfaces of the room. Majority of popular modern construction materials are unable to provide a proper balance of silenced and reflected sound.


How much money do I need to build a room with properly designed acoustic?

We always think about cost-effective/optimal solutions. At the moment there are a variety of ways to achieve desired acoustic characteristics. The question is how to use available resources and fit acoustic treatment into the existing interior in an efficient, reasonable manner.

We strongly recommend to contact us as an experienced team which design and build many different purposes acoustically treated spaces.

Give us a clear picture - what for,  you need acoustically treated space?

What is your expectation from an interior solution?

What is your preferable finishing materials?


After a short review of all input data, we show you the optimal budget for realizing your idea.

it will take us 1-3 days to give you a quote for building your studio dream, of course, depending on your realistic budget we could work out reasonable solution changing any characteristics efficiently. So the final decision is always on you.

this tight communication helps us to understand our clients , feel tendencies of the market and be up to date