Acoustic Design Studio

How to build proper sound Home Cinema 

 If you have decided to realize your dream and build a real movie theater right at your home be it a cottage or an apartment you need to familiarize yourself with some basic characteristics of so-called “Home Theatre”.Besides obviously generous investments needed into a projector and a screen, another crucially important component is a sound system. Considering only a set of amplifiers and speakers without assessment of room’s sound properties can be a foolish mistake as any professional would agree. Chances to waste money with such approach are very high. The room itself brings 50% of sound quality into equation due to the physics of sound waves distribution that no one can bypass. Planning a home theatre should start from acoustic modeling and design and only after that equipment decisions and options considered.

If everything is already purchased and installed and there is no time and practical desire for reconstruction of space mobile acoustic correction kit comes into play. (Acoustic Kit