• 3D Diffuser 50

    The unique combination of diffusion effect and bass absorption in 3D Diffuser 50 provides an advanced and simple solution for optimizing acoustics of small and medium-sized rooms.

    Diffusion is essential to ensure that the room's sound is open and vibrant while allowing you to control the sound with high precision. Bass absorption is essential for controlling resonances in the room and makes bass sound clear and punchy.

    The beauty of natural wood, coated with oil and wax, makes any room richer and more pleasant for long-term creative work.

    The panel fits well into any professional studio, home theater or living room interior. Precise machining and handcrafting ensure the best quality of the product, and the uniqueness of the wood texture makes each product an unique object of decoration.


    acoustic characteristics:

    diffusion: 600-8000 Hz

    absorption100-500 Hz

    material: wood, oil & wax

    dimension600x600x64 mm

    weight: 2,5 kg

    • Packaging and delivery not included in the price, please ask via contact form or request the price