3D Diffuser 80

This Difffuser has different geometric shapes and patterns than the 3D Diffuser 50.

Sharper angles and internal cavity volumes give slightly different characteristics of diffusion and absorption.

Like 3D Diffuser 50, it is successful in correcting the acoustics of small and medium-sized rooms (the characteristic resonances of such volumes lie within the sensitive range of absorption of this panel). It is mainly used on the ceiling, but can also be installed on walls.

The beauty of natural wood, coated with oil and wax, makes any room richer and more pleasant for long-term creative work.

The panel fits well into any interior of the studio, home theater or living room. Precise machining and manual work ensure the best quality of the product, and the impregnability of the wood texture makes each product a unique object of decoration.


The lightweight makes installation fast and simple. Common usage in the ceiling but also could be used on walls.

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