• Diffractal-21GL

    Diffracta has the widest frequency range of diffusion ever known ( 250-20kHz )


    The Diffractal-21GL is the largest diffuser we produce.

    This is the QRD (square residue diffuser), where its main elements are also high-frequency Diffuser QRD. This system provides the widest frequency range of true diffusion than any other known diffuser. It combines two QRD diffusers with different frequency ranges into one complex and efficient system.


    The Diffractal-21GL is usually mounted on the rear wall of a room. This makes your space much larger acoustically and creates a deep spatial impression even in a small room. Normally, we optimize the diffractal size for each project individually to achieve the highest possible efficiency factor at the maximum possible depth of the diffuser.

    A Diffractal made of solid wood, coated with oil and wax. In combination with glass, it creates a stunning optical effect.

    • Packaging and delivery not included in the price, please ask via contact form or request the price

    material of divider
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