• Diffractal-7

    A Diffractal provides the widest true-diffusion frequency range than any other known diffuser. It combines two QRD diffusers with different frequency ranges into one complex and efficient system.

      The Diffractal-7 is often mounted on the rear wall as a combination of 3-7 elements. The dimensions and structure of the modules have different depth and structures, when they combined in a modulated sequence system provides a better uniform diffuse sound field.

    acoustic characteristics:

    diffusion: 315-18000 Hz

    absorption: 80-250 Hz


    Material: hardwood, oil and wax

    plywood (glass) *

    size: 1200x700x (200-350) ** mm

    Weight: 35-54 *** kg

    • Packaging and delivery not included in the price, please ask via contact form or request the price

    material of deviders